VVOB programme School Links

Since 2009 VVOB is rolling out the programme School Links within its North Action. This programme, financed by the Flemish Government, offers a supportive framework which enables schools in the North and South to develop North-South school links within which educational and intercultural exchanges find a place and through which abilities of global citizenship are being developed.


  • To achieve with all involved school actors a more adequate knowledge and better understanding of each other’s reality, the challenges of the global society and the capabilities to deal with them in a positive way.
  • Support and train teachers to have them independently deploy the school link as an educational instrument in order to achieve those changes with the students.

Underlying principles

  • Active involvement: acting and experiencing yourselves is a more effective modus operandi than “hearsay”
  • The schools decide autonomously on the development and content of the school link.
  • Direct interaction and proximity lead to connection. The connection and cooperation between both schools has to finally lead to a more solidary disposition towards each other and the challenges of the global society.

Target Group

The programme has in first instance been designed for basic and secondary education.


From the start up in 2011 25 school links have been supported following one single model.

From the end of 2011 we made the goal of capacity building and experience exchange between teachers more explicit. With a number of school links the link was made with our programme action in the South: 8 school links consequently obtained a somewhat different implementation, a different kind of support and financing.

From end 2012 we no longer wanted to reserve the acquired experience for a limited number of school links with partners in one of our partner countries, but we make the move in the direction of one general supporting framework for all the North-South school links. Through a call for projects a number of extra initiatives were supported additionally.

As of 2013 we offer a unique and solidly based supporting model, which can be applied to all school partnerships between Flanders and the South.