A school link is a useful tool to fulfil the core task of your school: education. In fact, the learning aspect is fundamental to a school link and can be implemented in various ways. Teachers join forces and strengthen the quality of their school’s management and education with this exchange of experience. Moreover, through a school link, learners learn about and from each other, and they learn to collaborate across borders.

Een partnerschool vinden


The foundation of a school link is equality. This does not necessarily mean that both schools must make an equal contribution, but that the effort made by both schools must be the same, taking into account physical distance, language barriers and differences in school culture. This way, both partners benefit equally from the school link and there is room for open communication and respect. Do not avoid conflicts or ignore problems, but make room to discuss and tackle them together with your partner school.


Sustainability has several meanings. To develop a school link, you need time to make contact, remove practical barriers and align expectations. Strive for a certain degree of independence from other people, institutions, organisations etc. that support the school link in terms of content and finances. When developing the activities of your school link, pay attention to the ecological, economic and social concerns of today’s generation, without compromising the interest of future generations.

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