When two schools have jointly decided on which themes they want to work on, they can set up an action plan and submit it to VVOB. In this action plan, they describe which objectives they want to achieve with their school link, and what activities they want to undertake to achieve them, both at the level of the students as well as the teachers.

Schools links from level 2 "school link with experience" onwards are expected to include the topics "diversity" and/or "equity" and/or "sustainability" (for example one of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) in their action plan. Apart from these themes, they are free to include other topics as well.

VVOB staff working on the SchoolLinks programme are available for support in developing the action plan and for feedback on the final version. 

Action plans can be submitted at any time during the year.



In an action plan, schools can also request financial support to perform these activities and to visit each other. The maximum budget that can be allocated to a school link depends on the phase the school link is in.

Would you like to receive the template for an action plan? Send an email to


  1.    Starting school link  
  2.    School link with experience  
  3.    Advanced school link  
  4.    Sustainable school link

Starting school links and school links with experience can apply for a maximum budget of € 4,000. An advanced school link can request a maximum budget of € 3,000, a sustainable school link a maximum budget of € 2,000.