What is a global citizen?

An active global citizen not only acquires knowledge, but also breaks through stereotypes and values diversity. They stand in solidarity, are open to communication and have intercultural skills, like resilience and flexibility. As critical thinkers, they are language proficient, respect others, self-reflect and are committed to the wellbeing of others and the future. Above all, a global citizen recognises connectedness in diversity, is involved at global and local level and puts events in a global perspective.



More and more, expertise from the South is introduced to the North as an answer to international (educational) challenges. In a school link, you exchange experiences across borders and contribute to the professional training of teachers in a learning network consisting of experts and practitioners from the North and the South.


A school link connects your school to a school abroad, and builds an ever-evolving bridge between two (educational) worlds. Your school is stimulated to work on different (subject-specific) competencies in a new, international and original framework. A school link not only deepens the knowledge about the partner country, but also creates solidarity between two worlds through personal contact. In addition, your learners learn to appreciate diversity in their own environment and to treat each other’s similarities and differences with respect.