What does VVOB do?

VVOB – education for development is an international non-profit with over 40 years of experience in sustainably improving education systems

The education sector is a broad one. Because VVOB wants its results to be both impactful and sustainable, we make choices. VVOB focuses on the professional development of teachers and on effective school leadership in four educational subsectors, by developing the capacity of local education actors.

Where we work

VVOB currently has long-term partnerships with educational actors in Belgium, Cambodia, Ecuador, Kenia, Rwanda, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia and South Africa. In addition to its many projects in partner countries in Africa, Asia and South America, VVOB also works on the quality of education in Belgium through various projects, two of which are SchoolLinks and S-Cool-Links. 

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VVOB achieves sustainable results by:

  • aligning its activities with national education policy;
  • building educational expertise of the public institutions with know-how from, and through exchange with, a network of Flemish and international partners;
  • stimulating cooperation between educational institutions across borders and between the private sector and the education sector.