When pupils become leaders

On their way to become an autonomous, sustainable school link

Grade 5 pupils Perinne and Imane visited their partner school in Kinshasa (DR Congo) last year, together with their teachers Annelies and Thomas. This school year, as final-year students, they will chair their school link’s working group in their school in Brussels. Thanks to this exchange trip, they got a better understanding of their Congolese partner school and peers.

Within the school link 'Elongo', the Atheneum Etterbeek (Brussels, Belgium) and Athénée de la Victoire in Kinshasa work on various current topics such as migration, art and child soldiers. The pupils are very involved in the school link, which makes 'Elongo' well on its way to become a sustainable and autonomous partnership.

Focus on the pupils

Since this school year, for the first time, the school link is no longer lead by the teachers of the school, but by the sixth grade pupils of the working group. This reduces the role of the teachers within the school link to a more supporting position.