In November 2020, more than 40 (head) teachers and staff of educational organisations from six different countries and involved in a school link met virtually. An interesting online exchange on how they incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their school link, and/or how they continue to exchange online during this pandemic, which makes a visit to or from the partner school impossible. Watch the presentations and get inspired! 

A school link that has been integrating the SDGs in their exchange for years, is the one between the Technisch Atheneum Keerbergen in Belgium and Jaime Roldos Aguilera, a technical school in Ecuador. Steven is the head teacher of Belgian school. He talks about the activities they have been doing on the SDGs.

Antony is the additional vice-principal of the Don Bosco matriculation higher secondary school Puducherry. He tells us all about how their school switched to online teaching and how the teachers and pupils stayed connected with each other, and how they are planning to use the same methods to exchange online with their partner school.

Louis and Anneleen, teachers at G.S Rosa Mystica and OLVC Bevegem, respectively, explain how they had to change their plans for this school year. A physical exchange would have been an important part of their action plan, which is, of course, impossible now.